November 20th 2011 archive

Weekend recap #46 – of film festivals, party marathons and souffle adventures

On Friday night, we saw the German premiere of Sensation at a film festival. I liked it, and i loved the fact that it was in its original voice. Normally films get dubbed here and I feel like they lose a lot of jokes and important undertones that way. The main actor was Domhnall Gleeson, known as Ron’s older brother Bill in the Harry Potter movies. Yesterday, we were invited to 2 birthday parties and had a great time at both. The first one was very crowded, and the second one took place in a club I used to go to a lot when I first started uni – I felt so old there! Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one. It’s weird how you grow out certain stages of your life, especially in such short time spans. Today was really relaxing.. we slept in, did our homework and had a little adventure in the kitchen: We made our first souffle. It went quite well – but we don’t know for sure, because neither of us had had souffle before.
Souffle! // In the bus on our way to the first party
Links I loved
This video is magical! [“Murmuration” on vimeo] ♥ I think I need this dress in my life. And her elegance. Please? [Girl With Curves] ♥ Gracey is the master of clashy clashy – and doesn’t she look fantastic? [Fashion For Giants] ♥ Another beautiful dress on a beautiful girl! [XL As Life!] ♥ This site is so funny – and true! [Taste The Font] ♥ I had to laugh so much about this print! [Kris Atomic]
I hope your weekend was filled with pretty things!

What I Wore – Poncho in the Staircase

poncho 01 Leggings // BIB / H&M Poncho // C&A Shirt // Mitch&Co / Tchibo Shoes // Glossybox Style
The colder weather and the few hours of light we get every day make it harder to take outfit pictures… so today, we found this new picture spot in the staircase of my house. I bought this poncho in last winter’s sale for less than 5 euros and I’m really happy about this investment. It’s actually not black, but a very dark blue. I paired it with grey denim leggings [that’s right, I’m wearing pants! This regularly leads to bewilderment among some of my friends] and a purple long-shirt. The shoes are new, I ordered them via Glossybox Style. I’m not that excited about them, they’re not really black and somehow make me feel like I’m wearing rubber boots, but they’re comfortable and I like the slightly edgier look.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!