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am 19. Oktober 2011
comfy 1 T-Shirt // H&M Cardigan // Primark Pencil Skirt // H&M Tights [grey]// C&A Tights [lace]// Primark Scarf // can’t remember.. somewhere in the Netherlands Boots // Deichmann
I wore this to work at the cinema and was really happy to be so warm. I love that the cardigan is that long – it’s one of my wardrobe staples for the colder months. Another staple are layered tights. The grey ones alone are a little boring, the lace ones show a little too much skin for this weather, but the combination is just right.

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  • Natalie Mulford

    Oh this outfit looks so snuggly! I love the lace tights, did you layer them over grey ones? Such a great idea!

    21. Oktober 2011 um 10:51 Antworten
  • Katha Strophe

    Das freut mich <3
    Google Reader geht, einfach auf mein follow me oben klicken. Google Friend Connect kommt 😉

    21. Oktober 2011 um 14:40 Antworten
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