Top 5 ways to relax and de-stress

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am 18. Oktober 2011
Tuesdays are for Top 5s! This week’s Top 5 is inspired by this post by the lovely Kaelah Bee. I can totally relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed by your to-do-lists and life in general – I really worry way too much. So this is all about my favorite ways to de-stress and feel better. top 5 - relax Who doesn’t love to sleep? It’s obviously the best thing to do to relax. It makes a whole lot of a difference to go to bed just a little earlier than usual, plus it makes you so much more productive on the next day. I actually love to go to sleep early and get up a little earlier than usual. I can really use this time to learn some more, or just lay in bed and think with a fresh mindset, without getting distracted. Yes, I believe in soup. It’s so calming to eat really hot soup, especially if you really concentrate on it and don’t try to do something else while eating. It also makes you a little tired, which is great for tip #1. Drinking tea is also relaxing… but soup is even better! When I’m feeling stressed, it usually really hits me when I’m at home. I see the piles of things I should clean or the many papers on my desk that I should read… It’s so good to step outside and leave these things behind for a little while. It’s even better to breathe in the fresh air and see all the beautiful things nature has to offer. Such a great reminder that there’s something bigger than my problems. Sometimes I can’t really concentrate on the task that I should be doing because I’m thinking about all the other tasks that I need to do afterwards, that I’ll never manage to do all of them and that I basically fail at everything – to get me out of such a negative train of thoughts, i like to watch a silly tv show or read through some new blog entries – just to make me smile and focus on more positive things. Or a toddler. Or a dog. If you can’t, watch a youtube video of a kitten. Or a toddler. Or a dog. They really make you happy! :] What are your favorite ways to relax? What do you do when you’re feeling stressed?
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