The Weekend

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am 16. Oktober 2011
This weekend’s ingredients:
  • a party
  • an exhausting workout
  • watching two new movies the cinema: The Change-Up [funnier than expected] and Abduction [so-so]
  • sleeping
  • working one of my last shifts in the cinema.. with mixed feelings
  • looking forward to a lot of weekends without having to work
  • yummy vegetarian meals
  • meeting a dear friend on the train by chance
  • the first tangerines this year
  • hot apple punch
  • feeling loved & safe ♥
What did you do this weekend? Have a great start to your week!

5 Kommentare

  • Jade

    Sounds like a good weekend to me. 🙂

    17. Oktober 2011 um 13:51 Antworten
  • celeste noche

    Your weekend sounds lovely 🙂 The highlight of mine was a visit to the pumpkin patch!

    18. Oktober 2011 um 19:57 Antworten
    • Katha Strophe

      Thank you, I enjoyed it a lot. Visiting a pumpkin patch sounds very lovely, too :]

      18. Oktober 2011 um 22:34 Antworten
  • Unapologetically Mundane

    Just saw your comment on another blog and decided to pop by. Between the oranges and the orange cast on the photo of you, this is a perfect post for Autumn!

    18. Oktober 2011 um 20:39 Antworten
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