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Snaps of Happiness & Links I Loved – Week #14/2012

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am 09. April 2012
Snaps of Happiness & Links I Loved – Week #14/2012%20-%20"> Snaps of Happiness & Links I Loved – Week #14/2012">
Some things that made me happy this week: ♥ A stay-cation. It was so nice to spend some relaxed time here with my love. ♥ New DIY materials. I bought a circle cutting tool and some really nice printed paper and I can’t wait to use them more! ♥ Cooking and baking a lot of different things. ♥ Enjoying some really late breakfasts. ♥ Easter sweets! One of my neighbours left a little suprise in front of our door and Sven got me the sweets I like the most [Lindor eggs & Milka spoon eggs!] ♥ Not actually dying from a heart attack because a friend found my blog, but instead hearing some really encouraging words. Thank you & hi, Vee! :] Instagram snaps that made me really happy Ein paar der Dinge, die mich diese Woche wirklich glücklich gemacht haben: ♥ Über die Feiertage hier zu bleiben. Es war so schön, einfach ein paar entspannte Tage mit meinem Liebsten zu verbringen. ♥ Neue Bastelsachen. Ich hab mir einen Kreisschneider und ganz viel schönes Papier gekauft [dank Glamour Shopping Week und 20% Rabatt bei idee.].. ich freu mich schon so drauf, etwas daraus zu machen! ♥ Ganz viele verschiedene Sachen zu kochen und zu backen. ♥ Ganz spätes und gemütliches Frühstücken. ♥ Ostersüßigkeiten! Ein Nachbar hat uns eine süße Überraschung vor die Tür gestellt und Sven hat mir meine allerliebsten Osterleckereien besorgt [Lindoreier und Löffeleier von Milka, mmh!] ♥ Doch keinen Herzinfarkt zu bekommen, als eine Freundin zufällig meinen Blog entdeckt. Stattdessen ganz liebe Worte hören… vielen Dank und hi, Vee! :]
Links I loved
Instagram for Android. FINALLY! ♥ So beautiful: DIY lace necklace. [Lorena’s Every Day Wear] ♥ Any tumblr that has me crying tears from laughter is worth a mention here. Please tell me these people can’t be serious. Please! Life! Death! Top Tips!This has got to be the cutest outfit post ever! Don’t you want to have a daughter just so she can pose next to you? I certainly did after I saw these pictures! [Two Birds] ♥ Meine liebe Stef hat einen wundervollen Beitrag über mein Lieblingsbuch, „Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close“ [unbedingt auf englisch lesen!] geschrieben.. hach! [magnoliaelectric] Bei der Gelegenheit möchte ich gerne noch bei Stefs Gewinnspiel teilnehmen: – tolle Preise, oder? Klickt einfach auf das Bild, um auch teilzunehmen. ♥ Mia hat einen nützlichen Leitfaden darüber verfasst, wie man seine Kleidergröße ermittelt – wirklich praktisch! [In Fat Style] ♥ Seid ihr auch genervt von der Glossybox? Vielleicht ist ja die Biggy-Box etwas für euch! Was das ist und wie ihr mitmachen könnt, erfahrt ihr hier. Ich bin auf jeden Fall dabei. [Miss Biggy]
I hope your week’s off to a good start!

Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #10/2012

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am 12. März 2012
Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #10/2012%20-%20"> Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #10/2012">

Even though there are no exams to be written and no lectures to be attended, life is still a bit hectic – but in a good way. We spend this weekend at Sven’s parents‘, met friends every evening and celebrated Sven’s birthday for the second time. The results for the exam Sven wrote on Valentine’s Day are online – and we’re soooo happy that he passed! I’m quite happy with my grades too, so the whole week was one big „YAY“. Yesterday we finally saw „Intouchables“ [It’s french, the english title is „Untouchable“, in Germany it’s called „Ziemlich Beste Freunde“] – such a fantastic movie!
a window & fire in the cabin where we celebrated Sven’s birthday toffifee in puff pastry – so yummy! // just me

Links I loved
♥ Mary Ann made a gorgeous yellow ruffled peplum blouse and looks absolutely stunning. [The Dapper Bun] ♥ Gala Darling, Nubby Twiglet and Rock N‘ Roll Bride Kat did a photoshoot together – don’t they look like the most amazing girl band in history? Part I & Part II & Part III ♥ Another beautiful dress on a super beautiful girl: Natalie in Domino Dollhouse [XL as Life] ♥ This DIY Project would fit perfectly into my dream home: doily covered lampshade. [A Beautiful Mess] ♥ The lovely Em talks about her dating experiences… such an encouraging post & so many great comments! [Oh, the Places You’ll Go!] ♥ Not Always Right always makes me smile, especially with tech support stories like this one [] ♥ My favourite trend for spring: high-low hems. So of course I love this outfit! [Le Blog de big Beauty] ♥ I will need to bake a cake and decorate it with these beautiful pineapple flowers soon. [Food Coma]
So many lovely links! What’s inspiring you lately?

Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #09/2012

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am 06. März 2012
Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #09/2012%20-%20"> Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #09/2012">

Some things that made me happy this weekend:
  • I wrote my last exam of this semester on Friday
  • Which means: Two weeks off! Yay!
  • The Flatmate Situation [yes, in caps!] is resolved. One of my friends is moving in soon.
  • Sven and I surprised my parents with a visit over the weekend for my mom’s birthday.
Something isn’t working with the internet at my parents‘, so we had to take a mini-break from the online world. But as you can see, I’m back!
Sven’s and my dad’s idea of fun // imported by a friend we saw „Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close“ // watching „Chuck“ on our way back home

Links I loved
♥ This is so true. I’m sure some of the plus-sized ladies can relate: Getting Past the „But it Fits!“ Mentality [The Plus Side of me] ♥ So cute: Paris in a box [You are my Fave] ♥ Last week was Body Image Warrior Week – fantastic reads! [Already Pretty] ♥ I think this family is super adorable – and I always love the amazing photographs! This post is no exception [Katie’s Pencil Box] ♥ Another blog series that I absolutely adore: Nubby’s The Week in Pictures. This one is so colourful and pretty! [Nubby Twiglet] ♥ Next Sunday marks the date for the next episode of Katja & Katha: inspired. We’ll be sharing recipes with spinach as an ingredient, yum! If you want wo join in, create something with spinach in it and link up next weekend – we’d love to see your ideas!
Here’s to a happy week!

Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #06/2012

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am 13. Februar 2012
Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #06/2012%20-%20"> Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #06/2012">

Nothing exciting happening in my world right now…. studying is all I do. I didn’t get to see Sven much this weekend and last week. He has a really important test tomorrow and had to study even more. Keep your fingers crossed for him! I’m really enjoying the #febphotoaday-challenge on instagram so far.
hands // sun makes me happy // in my closet

Links I loved
♥ This is mindblowing. I feel so small now! [] Sorry about the advertisment, the official site didn’t work for me! ♥ Lili’s blog turned 1 this week. I love her post about it! [Relatable Style] ♥ My lovely Kelsey did a guest post about her wardrobe staples – couldn’t agree any more! [Charming Pumpkin @ Skippy Says] ♥ Fascinating: Why does Adele’s ‚Someone Like You‘ make everyone cry? Science has found the formula. [Wall Street Journal, found via ScorchingStyle] ♥ So so cute: Valentine’s Day in a box [You are my Fave] ♥ Lots of great ideas: Funkytime Magazine – Valentine’s Day [Funkytime] ♥ And last, but certainly not least: Love yourself this Valentine’s Day! – yes yes yes! [Reizende Rundungen]
Happy new week!