Weekend recap – 42

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am 23. Oktober 2011

On Friday night, I had a little farewell party to say goodbye to my co-workers at the cinema. We saw „Contagion“ and went out for a few drinks afterwards. I will miss everyone I worked with, but I’m also glad that I’m moving on. And I’m especially glad that from now on, I won’t have to work on weekends! This weekend was all about enjoying and celebrating this new freedom :] So Sven and I explored our city, took long walks and lots of photographs, had cake at a café, had a dear friend come over and watched „Tangled“ together while eating gingerbread, made pizza, slept in, did our homework, cooked, went to dm [a drugstore and one of my favorite places to shop – but it was actually his idea to go there], … and now we’re just relaxing. I loved this weekend ♥ We saw exercise machines on the street and trees that grow through park benches. We searched for the trees that matched the leave imprints. I was cold. We had pizza. And we saw my favorite flowers!
Links I loved
♥ I love City Chic’s Blogger Lookbook. If only they’d ship to Germany… ♥ Such a pretty dress – How perfect is this colour? [Frocks & Froufrou] ♥ speaking of perfect colours: Look at this amazing colour combination! [MessyCarla] ♥ These cinnamon rolls look so delicious. [Food Coma] ♥ Beautiful photographs of a wedding. [Esme and the Laneway] ♥ This might be one of the best halloween costume ideas ever. [the Frogman] ♥ Isn’t this adorable? Home office in a cupboard. [Ikea Hackers]
What was the best part of your weekend?

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  • patience

    i have also recently made a job change that allows me two days off each week plus lots of extra time to be divided between relaxing and getting out and exploring this city that i love!!

    that tree in the bench is AWESOME.

    23. Oktober 2011 um 22:15 Antworten
    • Katha Strophe

      Thank you!

      Yay, good for you – extra time is the best :]

      25. Oktober 2011 um 08:59 Antworten
  • frl. wunderbar

    Juhu. gfc! YAY!
    Ich kann Dich auch verfolgen 🙂
    Ihr habt aber auch schöne Herbstfotos gemacht 😀

    25. Oktober 2011 um 09:44 Antworten
  • Anonymous

    Your weekend sounds perfect. Now I want to watch Tangled while eating gingerbread!

    27. Oktober 2011 um 02:56 Antworten
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