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am 25. Oktober 2011
Tuesdays are for Top 5s! top 5 - scarves It’s getting colder and colder where I live and I’m able to wear my favorite type of accessory every day: a scarf! So I thought it would be fun to show you my favorite scarves this week. floral scarf This circle scarf isn’t really keeping you warm, but it adds a nice pop of floral to any outfit – you can combine it with most other colours. I bought it at C&A and wear it a lot.. you can see it in my outfits here and here. white scarf Also bought at C&A, this might be the warmest scarf that I own. The off-white colour fits into most of my outfits. It’s also a circle scarf, which I l-o-v-e. grey, lacy scarf I obviously buy most of my scarves at C&A, this one is no exception. They’re inexpensive and well made. This one is grey and has lace in it – both plusses in my book. grey knitted scarf Yay, finally a scarf from a different retailer.. this one is from Primark. It’s also grey and really warm.. that’s because it’s a knitted circle scarf that you can only wear in one loop. black scarf This last one is also from Primark. It’s really long, I like to wear one loop closer to my neck and one very loose. Black scarves go with everything! You can see me wearing it in this outfit. P.S.: I think it’s a great look to wear a neutral-toned scarf with bold lipstick. P.P.S.: I created a twitter account for my blog. You can follow me here if you want to ♥
Do you love scarves as much as I do? What’s your favorite one? You can find all of my Top-5-lists here


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