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What I Wore – in Hamburg [One Item, Three Ways 03]

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am 07. April 2012
red dress over black and white polkdadot blouse Belt // H&M Blouse // C&A Dress // H&M Leggings // New Look Inspire Shoes // C&A Nail Polish // essie „Cocktail Bling“
Three confessions: 1. I totally stole this outfit idea from two of my favourite bloggers – Katrin and Fubsy. Both of them rocked red dresses over blouses, so I thought I could give it a go as well. 2. These pictures weren’t taken in Hambug. But since I wore this on our way home, I think it’s fitting. 3. It’s gotten way too cold for this sleeve length. Booh!
Drei kleine Geständnisse: 1. Die Outfitidee hab ich mir bei zwei meiner Lieblingsbloggerinnen abgeschaut – Katrin und Fubsy. Beide sahen so toll aus in ihren roten Kleidern über Blusen, dass ich das auch einfach mal probieren musste. 2. Diese Bilder haben wir nicht in Hamburg aufgenommen… aber da das mein Heimfahrts-Outfit war, passt das ja ganz gut. 3. Leiderleider ist es schon wieder viel zu kalt für diese Ärmellänge. Menno! red dress over black and white polkdadot blouse red dress over black and white polkdadot blouse The two other looks with this blouse: Nochmal die anderen beiden Outfits mit der Bluse: 1 item, 3 ways 02 1 item, 3 ways 01
I hope you liked this little feature! Ich hoffe, euch hat meine kleine Hamburg-Serie gefallen!

A trip to… Hamburg

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am 06. April 2012
A trip to… Hamburg%20-%20"> A trip to… Hamburg">
Today I want to share some more photographs we took in Hamburg. I especially love the Landungsbrücken [a part of the harbour] and the Speicherstadt [he warehouse district], so most of them were taken there. Heute gibt es noch ein paar Bilder von unserer Hamburgreise. Am meisten liebe ich die Gegend um die Landungsbrücken und die Speicherstadt, deshalb ist dort der Großteil der Bilder entstanden. hamburg hamburg hamburg hamburg The Elbe Philharmonic Hall / Elbphilharmonie hamburg … und how it’s supposed to look like from the inside once it’s finished. … und so soll sie mal von innen aussehen, wenn der Bau abgeschlossen ist. hamburg hamburg hamburg hamburg hamburg The view from our hotel room, right before we left. Ausblick aus unserem Hotelzimmer kurz vor unserer Abfahrt. What are your plans for the Easter weekend? We’re on a staycation & catching up on studies. Was sind eure Pläne für das Osterwochenende? Wir bleiben einfach mal hier und holen ein bisschen FH-Zeugs nach.
Enjoy the weekend!

What I Wore – in Hamburg [One Item, Three Ways 02]

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am 05. April 2012
What I Wore – in Hamburg [One Item, Three Ways 02]%20-%20"> What I Wore – in Hamburg [One Item, Three Ways 02]">
black and white polkdadot blouse, high-low hem skirt Bag // H&M Blouse // C&A Shoes // Pep Step Select Skirt // New Look Inspire Tights // Primark [blue over black] Nail Polish // OPI „Lincoln Park after Dark“ + essence „Waking up in Vegas“
On another night in Hamburg, I wore this outfit with the same polkadotted blouse I showed you in my last outfit post. This time, another new item in my wardrobe came out to play – a high-low hem skirt! I know that some people hate this trend, but I, for one, love it! It’s like these „business in the front, party in the back“-haircuts. Only cool. And the other way around. Ok, maybe it isn’t like them at all…but it’s awesome! Also awesome: Red lipstick that I put on as if I knew Katie [from the future] would suggest it. Also awesome: Katie, of course! [And now: the text again, in German. I promise it’s not more exciting than the English one!] Hallo liebe deutschsprachige Leser! Ich dachte, es wird mal Zeit auszuprobieren, ob ihr gerne Texte auf deutsch hier hättet. Also… Wie gestern schon angekündigt, noch ein Outfit mit der Pünktchenbluse. Dazu gesellt sich ein neues Lieblingsstück in meinem Schrank, ein vorne kurz-hinten lang Rock [Gibt’s dafür einen vernünftigen deutschen Begriff?!]. Nicht jeder mag diesen Asymmetrie-Trend, aber mir gefällt das so sehr! Mehr Raum, um meine Strumpfhosen zu zeigen, ist auch immer gut. Dazu gab es roten Lippenstift [„Bloody Red“ von Catrice], was lustigerweise gestern erst von einer Leserin vorgeschlagen wurde. Aber erzählt mir nun mal: Was haltet ihr denn nun davon, wenn ich zusätzlich auf deutsch schreibe? Ich hab manchmal das Gefühl, dass englisch allein so ein bisschen distanzierend wirkt. Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr mir erzählt was ihr so denkt. Danke schonmal! black and white polkdadot blouse, high-low hem skirt black and white polkdadot blouse, high-low hem skirt black and white polkdadot blouse, high-low hem skirt black and white polkdadot blouse, high-low hem skirt
Have a fantastic day!

Snaps of Happiness [Hamburg Edition] & Links I Loved – Week #13/2012

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am 02. April 2012
Snaps of Happiness [Hamburg Edition] & Links I Loved – Week #13/2012%20-%20"> Snaps of Happiness [Hamburg Edition] & Links I Loved – Week #13/2012">
What made me really really happy this week: ♥ HAMBURG! I just love this city so much. The buildings, the docks, the ships, the seagulls,….. so beautiful! More pictures are on their way :] ♥ Staying at a really nice hotel. We choose the Holiday Inn and were very happy with this choice. Everyone was super friendly and helpful, they had an amazing breakfast buffet – and free internet, yay! We booked three nights for the price of two, I believe the often offer specials like this. ♥ Icecream at Herr Max. I would have loved to sit down and try some of these amazing cakes, but it was – understandably – way too crowded. ♥ The Lion King musical. Definitely the best musical I’ve ever seen and an unforgettable night. I had goosebumps all of the time and I might or might not have shed a tear or two… ♥ Franzbrötchen! A sweet pastry with cinnamon. I ate two every day. Hey, they were a part of the breakfast buffet, I had to take advantage of this! ♥ The Speicherstadt [historic warehouse district]. It’s my very favourite part of Hamburg, you can see it in the top right picture. ♥ Overcoming fears. We went to the Hamburg Dungeon even though I was sooo scared. Our tickets were gifts from a friend, otherwise noone could have talked me into this. I’m proud of myself, but not gonna lie: It was very spine-chilling. I hope I won’t get many nightmares out of this… ♥ Thees Uhlmann & band in concert. This guy rocks. He also tells the best stories in between songs. He’s been my favourite singer for many many years, so he’s got to be awesome, right?
Links I loved
♥ Let’s start with something serious: Tagging your location in Facebook posts can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous…. Please read this: Are We Making Ourselves Targets For Predators?, click through to the sources she linked to & check your privacy settings! [Gala Darling] Now let’s take a look at the fun things the internet had to offer this week! ♥ Homemade Oreos!! Mmmmmh…. This is SO going to happen this weekend. [Eternal Optimist] ♥ Plants in my home don’t live for too long… so this idea, using them as lamp shades, is made for me! [IKEA Hackers] ♥ One of my favourite bloggers shows some of her favourite blog posts – obviously, they’re all brilliant! [Pocket Rocket Fashion] ♥ Another blogger I really liked stopped blogging this week [oh noooo!]… but Tania made some great collages with outfits for every season. So many inspiring outfits in one place! [What Would a Nerd Wear]
What made you happy this week? What’s your favourite city?