A trip to… Wilhelma, Stuttgart

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am 19. August 2011

Every time I’m visiting my parents with my boyfriend Sven, they take us to all kinds of sights in and around my hometown. We always enjoy these trips  – I love that he gets to see the places we made family trips to when I was a kid and that we spend more time with my family this way.
This time, our activities as a family + 1 included a trip to the Wilhelma, the zoological botanical garden of Stuttgart. We got there just in time for the feeding of the sea lions, only to find out that their compound was getting cleaned and that we weren’t able to see them.
Fortunately, there were still a lot of other animals…

I’m a bit ambivalent went it comes to zoos.. while I love to see the animals, it makes me sad to see them in cages that seem so small. What do you think? Do you boycott zoos?

Wilhelma – Der Zoologische-Botanische Garten
Wilhelmaplatz 13, 70376 Stuttgart



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