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am 17. November 2011
What I Wore – Favourite Colours%20-%20https://kathastrophal.de/what-i-wore-favourite-colours"> What I Wore – Favourite Colours">
favourite colours Cardigan // H&M T-Shirt // New Yorker Skirt // C&A Shoes // Pep Step Select Tights // H&M
I wore this to take a break from studying and go on a coffee date on Sunday. It’s totally normal to stay in your pyjamas all day when you have to study… right? I didn’t post these pictures earlier because I’m making a stupid face in every full body shot, but I guess that’s a good represantion of me: talking and laughing at the same time. These are all of my favourite colours: Purple, petrol & grey! I think about 90 percent of my non-black clothes are in shades of these colours. I once tried to wash the skirt with my other clothes.. afterwards, I had even more clothes in shades of purple. But that’s the only downside of it, and after another seperate wash my clothes got their original colours back. Note to self: Never wash new clothes with lighter colours! I think I bought this scarf on a trip to Holland, but I honestly can’t remember where.
What are your favourite colours to wear?

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  • Fräulein Mini

    Schönes Outfit! Genau das Richtige für einen Sonntagnachmittag! Besonders dein Rock und die Schuhe gefallen mir.
    Meistens trage ich Schwarz, Violett und Wollweiß.

    17. November 2011 um 21:59 Antworten
  • Unapologetically Mundane

    I love that scarf! I should probably own more colorful accessories for all of the black I wear. Great combination of colors in general, too. I guess I mostly wear black and red, because people always tell me I look good in red, and everyone looks good in black.

    18. November 2011 um 17:15 Antworten
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