Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #05/2012

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am 06. Februar 2012
Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #05/2012%20-%20https://kathastrophal.de/weekend-recap-links-i-loved-week-052012"> Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #05/2012">

I’m back from London and I had so much fun there! Laura, Dani and I got there really early on Thursday and spent the day exploring Convent Garden and the Primark on Oxford Street. On friday, my friend Adriana, who currently lives in England, joined us and we went to even more shops on Oxford Street and to Camden Town. I underestimated how exhausting shopping can get! We saw the musical „Thriller Live“ in the evening – see, we did more than just shopping 😉 Then on saturday the blogger meet-up Plus London Two finally took place. Laura and I went to Anna Scholz‘ studio to see and try on her new collection. I loved it and was so so excited to meet a lot of my blogging idols – I got really start-struck actually. Some of them told me they loved my blog when I could only think „Eeeeeek! YOU know my blog?!?!?“, so crazy! We met Dani and Ada later and in the evening all four of us went to the Plus London – Party where we saw even more amazing girls and clothes. I’m going to post a lot more about this event soon! Unfortunately, it also started to snow on saturday and we got really worried about out flight home the next day – and we were right to worry. We spent ages at the airport, waiting to get through to the security check and held our breath each time they announced new flights that were cancelled. Fortunately though, our flight wasn’t cancelled. It was nearly an hour late and we still barely made it into the aircraft. I was really happy when we finally landed in Germany – and even more happy when Sven and two friends surprised me at the airport to pick me up. I really missed him. Though it was absolutely fantastic to be surrounded be these amazing girls! Laura, Dani and their shopping success. Adriana, Dani, Laura and some fantastic cakes. The four of us at the evening event. Laura & me in the snow. more snow… & even more snow!

Links I loved
♥ So many great ideas: Fashion Inspired by The Big Bang Theory. I love Bernadette’s style! [College Fashion] ♥ This looks sooo yummy: Tortellini Salad. [magnoliaelectric] ♥ Megan shares some of her thrifting secrets – I’m sure they are good, since she’s the queen of thrifting! [Feathers & Freckles] some DIYs I loved: ♥ How to cover your shoes [Reading in Skirts] ♥ Cinch Bag[Sweet Verbena] ♥ Fantastic business cards [Katjusha Dawai]
I hope you weren’t stuck at an airport this weekend!

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  • Mel C

    It was really lovely to meet you! 🙂

    06. Februar 2012 um 16:52 Antworten
  • Mia

    Oh man, that looks like so much fun! (And oh my god, that croquembouche behind Laura’s head in the cakes picture…wow.) I’ve never been to England but I want to goooooo!

    06. Februar 2012 um 18:13 Antworten
  • Lili @ Relatable Style

    Oh wow das hört sich nach einer Menge Spaß an! Bist du hauptsächlich wegen dem Blogger-Event nach London geflogen oder war das Zufall? Ich würde ja auch gerne mal auf so ein Event gehen, aber die sind immer extrem weit weg… oder ich check gar nicht erst dass es sie gibt, haha!

    06. Februar 2012 um 18:13 Antworten
    • Katha Strophe

      Ohja, es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht 🙂

      Ich bin wegen dem Event geflogen. Ich hatte schon letztes Jahr darüber gelesen und es hat zeitlich ganz gut gepasst… als ich dann von Laura [die ich vorher nicht kannte] gelesen habe, dass sie hinfliegen mag, hab ich mich einfach drangehängt :] Ich kann’s nur empfehlen! Wir haben eh gesagt, dass wir sowas auch gerne mal in Deutschland hätten – vielleicht ergibt sich ja irgendwas? Würde mich freuen, dich auch mal zu sehen!

      06. Februar 2012 um 18:40 Antworten
      • Lili @ Relatable Style

        Oh ja, daran habe ich vorhin auch gedacht, das wär cool 😀 Also wenn in Deutschland mal was geht, da würde ich auch hinkommen… Oder im näheren Ausland, hehe. Ich les ja immer nur von Treffen in den USA. Klar, if money was no object… 😉 Lass uns das doch mal im Auge behalten, es gibt doch sicher auch hier in Deutschland Bloggertreffen? Kennst du ein paar deutsche Blogger „näher“? Ich glaube manchmal ich habe ein echt total mageres Netzwerk, gerade hierzulande 😉 Vielleicht ergibt es sich ja sogar, etwas auf die Beine zu stellen.

        06. Februar 2012 um 23:07 Antworten
  • Chantillysongs

    how exciting that you got to go to a blogger meetup! i wish i knew of more near me… and it always feels great when someone you admire likes your blog 🙂 awesome!!

    06. Februar 2012 um 18:37 Antworten
  • Chattermonkey

    It was amazing to meet you! I’m glad you had a good time and did get home – eventually!

    06. Februar 2012 um 23:53 Antworten
  • Feathers & Freckles

    How exciting! You looked so cute at the evening event, love the color of your dress 🙂

    07. Februar 2012 um 01:59 Antworten
    • Katha Strophe

      Thank you so much!
      There was a professional photographer who took pictures of our outfits, can’t wait to show you these! 🙂

      08. Februar 2012 um 11:58 Antworten
  • Alex Elizabeth

    Oh I’m so jealous! Looks like such a fun trip and London is a cool city. I’ve only been once.

    07. Februar 2012 um 02:52 Antworten
  • Tia

    Aw, it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Thanks for linking the how to too!

    07. Februar 2012 um 19:53 Antworten
  • Unapologetically Mundane

    You look su-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-per stunning in that picture of the four of you. Sounds like a fun trip!

    07. Februar 2012 um 21:53 Antworten
  • Anonymous

    Looks like you had a great time with your friends 🙂 I love that Big Bang outfit post. So cute and fun!

    08. Februar 2012 um 22:23 Antworten
  • Antworten

    Schon gelesen?