Weekend recap – 43

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am 30. Oktober 2011

On Friday night, I attended a birthday party and another farewell party of co-workers. Both parties were a lot of fun, but I was a little disappointed that nobody mentioned my new haircut… Yes, I’m vain like that ;] We slept in on saturday, went grocery shopping [lots of fruit and vegetables because Sven felt a little groggy] and relaxed. In the evening, we met some friends and strolled around our city because there were some halloween campaigns and beautiful fireworks. Today I woke up, looked at the time on my mobile phone, then on Sven’s and was really confused that there was a difference of an hour… I forgot that daylight saving time ended today [in Germany]. I always forget about that! But the weekend lasts for another hour this way, so I won’t complain this time. We had breakfast in bed, dyed my hair, took a lot of photos for my blog, cooked lunch/dinner and now we’re off to see The Adventures of Tintin in 3D. ♥ Yummy food: The fireworks:
Links I loved
♥ Look at this amazing costume! I love that movie. [Fashion Dynamite] ♥ I had to laugh so much about this list of crazy lip balms. [Unapologetically Mundane] ♥ Another list: Fifteen Fall Favourites. Stunning photographs! [magnoliaelectric] ♥ Love this DIY idea: glitter heels for one night [Katjusha Dawai] ♥ Gala Darling is amazing. So inspiring! ♥ Body positivity at it’s best. Love it! [XL as life] ♥ A new blog I love: On Ironing and Irony.
Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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  • Anonymous

    thanks for including me your links! What a nice surprise.

    Btw, your plate of fruit is actually making me voluntarily want to eat fruit…nice presentation!

    31. Oktober 2011 um 03:01 Antworten
    • Katha Strophe

      You’re welcome!

      Thank you – my boyfriend woke up to this plate, I think he liked it a lot as well 🙂

      31. Oktober 2011 um 19:48 Antworten
  • Katie

    Thanks for the link!

    That second fireworks picture, especially, is beautiful, and you even made me want to eat some fruit over some REAL dessert.

    I want to see this dyed hair!

    31. Oktober 2011 um 03:33 Antworten
    • Katha Strophe

      You’re welcome!
      I like to have fruit AND dessert because I love both.

      You can see the new hair in my newest outfit post, but it’s nothing that spectacular 😉

      31. Oktober 2011 um 19:50 Antworten
  • Maria

    die fotos vom feuerwerk sind ja genial! 🙂 wirklich schön anzusehen – fast besser als in natura! 🙂 lieben gruß….

    01. November 2011 um 16:24 Antworten
  • Natalie Mulford

    Hee! Thank you so much for the link! That fruit platter looks delicious!

    02. November 2011 um 13:00 Antworten
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    Schon gelesen?