Plus London Two – the evening event

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am 09. Februar 2012
Plus London Two – the evening event%20-%20"> Plus London Two – the evening event">
The reason we flew to London was the blogger event Plus London Two which took place on saturday evening. We had a little styling session at the hotel beforehand, during which we changed our outfits and Laura curled my hair – I’d love to hire her as my personal stylist, because that way she would always be by my side! ♥ There were plenty of amazing women with fantastic style & a lot of things we could play with, which was fantastic. It started with a fashion show, but I’ve decided not to post any pictures of it since the brand behind it didn’t really treat the bloggers who where modeling the way they should have… you can read more about it here. The other sponsors were amazing though! You could get a bra fitting by Elomi [which I unfortunately didn’t because I was too late] and try on clothes by ASOS Curve, Navabi, SimplyBe and amazing plus size vintage from Red Bows Boutique. There were also some delicious cupcakes by Wendy and a pop up photo studio by Fashion Loves Photo – can’t wait to show you these pictures! At the end of the night, I won a prize in the raffle & we got some amazing goodie bags. Again, thank you sooo much!
the cupcakes! Stunning Amy of These Girls Turn Heads in the photo studio. Laura bought the fantastic dress she’s holding here. Rob took a picture of Rachel [I hope I remembered your name right!] and me when I asked her to take a picture of me and my „tourist party“. Said picture – Laura, Dani, me, Ada. With lovely Lauren of Pocket Rocket!♥ To finish this post, here’s a little equation for you: 4 girls + a lot of shoes = OMG! Shoes!
I really had a fantastic time. Thank you so so so much Claire for your hard work organizing this event. You did so great and you were a lovely lovely host!

This time, I got my pictures from Dani and from Claire’s husband, Rob Harris. [See more of them here].


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  • Tracey B

    Hi, I saw you at Plus London 2 but didn’t speak to you. Your dress was so pretty. My name is Traceyb and i am following you on twitter too. i also spoke to Rachel a bit but I don’t know how to get in otuch as she is not a blogger just a follower so if she is out there reading this – rachel follow me please and good luck ofr your wedding!! x

    09. Februar 2012 um 21:53 Antworten
  • Mia

    That looks like so much fun! Oh man. And Lauren! I am crazy about Pocket Rocket–how cool.  (P.S. The slits in those sleeves–I loooove them.)

    10. Februar 2012 um 05:36 Antworten
  • Caitlin of doverpeak

    Gosh girl, you are just so dang beautiful. This looks like it was such a blast!

    11. Februar 2012 um 01:22 Antworten
  • Unapologetically Mundane

    Daaaaaaang, that sucks about the runway show.  Looks like a great event otherwise, though, and you really do stand out in that dress!

    11. Februar 2012 um 22:16 Antworten
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    10. Februar 2013 um 22:18 Antworten
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