Plus London Two – at Anna Scholz

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am 07. Februar 2012
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The first part of Plus London Two was a visit to Anna Scholz‘ studio where we could see and try on her spring/summer-collection. We were greeted by Anna herself, who is truly wonderful! There were a lot of other plus size bloggers, cupcakes and drinks – I felt so welcome! I learned that Anna is from Germany as well & Laura and I were able to talk to her without the language barrier. Sorry to everyone else that I was so tongue-tied! Mel in a poodle printed blouse – so lovely! Doesn’t Laura look amazing in the black dress? Circle Georgette Maxi Dress // My favourite, a gorgeous blue dress with lovely Liz from Anna’s team // poodle print! I loved seeing the studio, too – so inspiring! We had a very interesting Q&A – Session with Anna later on. It was fascinating to hear where she took her inspiration from and I thought it was so fantastic when she told us that she almost exclusively wears her own brand – talk about passion! It turned into a great discussion about plus size clothing in general and I was forced to think about some things I didn’t think about before – for example, that it is so much better to support individuals instead of giving all our money to brands where I can just barely squeeze into their biggest size. We were also asked what we’d like to see in future collections. It was amazing to see how much everyone cared about us bloggers and our thoughts! And in the end, we even got really cool goodie bags, aww! I had a fantastic time and I hope that someday I earn enough money to be able to invest in some of Anna’s creations! Thanks for having us, Anna!

pictures are mostly by Laura, the one of Liz & me is from Anna’s Facebook.


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  • Feathers & Freckles

    LOVE the poodle print! How cute 🙂

    08. Februar 2012 um 15:05 Antworten
  • Anonymous

    I really like that blue dress on you. Sooo chic! Still, that maxi is my favorite! Seriously, hope you got it, it looks AMAZING on you!

    08. Februar 2012 um 22:28 Antworten
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  • Tia

    That blue dress on you is fabulous. Also, how great to talk to designers yourself.

    09. Februar 2012 um 06:15 Antworten
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  • Natalie Mulford

    ZOMG! THE POODLE PRINT! I’m in love!!

    09. Februar 2012 um 15:57 Antworten
  • Mia

    Poodle print? No way! And I think I said this on Pinterest, but that blue dress is so pretty, and the color suits you so well!

    10. Februar 2012 um 05:34 Antworten
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