Weekend recap #48 – of ice-skating adventures & more christmas markets

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am 05. Dezember 2011
Weekend recap #48 – of ice-skating adventures & more christmas markets%20-%20https://kathastrophal.de/weekend-recap-48-of-ice-skating-adventures-more-christmas-markets"> Weekend recap #48 – of ice-skating adventures & more christmas markets">

On Friday, Sven and I were so tired that we just stayed at home, relaxed and did some programming. A friend of Sven came to visit, so we took her on some adventures on Saturday: First, we went ice-skating… I was so scared in the beginning because I hadn’t done this for such a long time, but the others helped me a lot and it got easier. Afterwards, we wen’t to the christmas market with some other friends – it was so much fun! We tried to find out which booth had the best mulled wine and the best sweets and therefore had to get a lot of samples. Later on, we went to a house-warming party where I discovered Angry Birds plush toys – a new wish on my already long christmas wishlist. We were quite tired Sunday morning, so after breakfast I left Sven and his friend, so I could do my homework. In the evening, we met two other couples to have a wonderful chat, play Wii and let the weekend come to a beautiful ending.
zucchini-tomato-wrap // ice-skating angry bird plush, I wanted to keep it! // christmas decoration
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I hope you had a lot of fun this weekend! What did you do?

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  • Feathers & Freckles

    Cute pics – looks like you had a great weekend! Now I want to go ice skating 🙂

    05. Dezember 2011 um 14:09 Antworten
  • Kelley

    Sounds like a great weekend! I totally want to go ice-skating, but my husband is not so great at it. I’ve tried to convince him that lots of people, including me, aren’t great, so it’s fine… but he just WON’T. Ha, oh well.

    05. Dezember 2011 um 16:53 Antworten
  • Unapologetically Mundane

    You know you’re nerds when you and your boyfriend sit around and program to relax! Such a cute iceskating picture, though. Looks fun!

    05. Dezember 2011 um 16:59 Antworten
  • lskachler

    Meine Schwester filzt Angry Birds. Die sehen sooo lustig aus, noch viel besser als der aus Plüsch! Wenn du auf meinem Blog nachfragst, kann sie einen Post darüber machen – vielleicht sogar ein Tutorial.

    Liebe Grüße Fubsy


    05. Dezember 2011 um 20:50 Antworten
  • Anonymous

    Aw, thank you for including me in your links! And I love these photos. I’ve never been ice skating; I’m so clumsy I’m afraid I’d really hurt myself. And I have such a long way to fall!

    06. Dezember 2011 um 21:15 Antworten
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