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am 11. Oktober 2011
Tuesdays are for Top 5s! top 5 tv shows Today’s Top 5 is about my favorite TV shows. I don’t even own a TV, but over the years I found some shows that I love to watch. Most of these are sitcoms, because I prefer real movies for more serious topics. When I first discovered this British series, I was instantly hooked and watched the complete first two seasons within a day… it’s so funny! Roy and Moss are socially awkward guys who work in IT support. They get a new boss in the first episode – Jen, who doesn’t know anything about computers. The three of them are entertaining enough, but add great supporting roles, strange bosses and a vampire and you get my very favorite TV show. I highly recommend it! My favorite episode: 2.01 – The Work Outing This show revolves around five friends – Robin, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Ted, the main character. Ted tells his kids about the events that lead to him meeting their mother – and he likes to talk. A lot. So we’re in season 7 right now and still haven’t got a clue who the mother is. I love every single one of the main characters.. If Marshall actually existed, I would totally marry hin 😉 My favorite episode: 2.03 – Brunch Another geeky show, this time about 3 physicists, an engineer and… a girl! As usual, I love all of the characters, but especially the socially awkward genius Sheldon and Raj, who can’t talk when women are around. I know a lot of people who never pick up sarcasm, just like Sheldon, so these moments are especially funny for me. Sven and I were „Shamy“ to this year’s carnival 😀 Another British sitcom. This one is about Bernard Black, the grumpy, chain-smoking owner of Black Books [a bookstore], his neurotic friend Fran and his enthusiastic, clumsy assistant Manny. I think it’s hilarious to watch Bernard moan and mumble and to see Manny’s desperate attempts to please him… So sad that there are only 3 seasons. My favorite episode: Grapes of Wrath Yes, I do not only like to watch Germany’s [while wondering how Heidi Klum manages to be so annoying when speaking German, when she seems so nice on Project Runway…] and America’s Next Top Model – I’ve also watched Austria’s, Australia’s [the best!!!], Canada’s, New Zealand’s, Britain’s,… I don’t really know what it is that makes me like it, I don’t believe it has that much to do with the real modeling world, but it’s entertaining and there are some seriously beautiful women. It’s my guilty pleasure. Please don’t laugh at me 😉 What are your favorite shows/favorite episodes? Do you have guilty pleasures when it comes to tv shows?


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