Folklore 2011

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am 29. August 2011
The Folklore Festival 2011 took place last weekend and some of my best friends and me were there. Good music for an affordable price in the city where we live? Count us in! It was so much fun! Even though the weather did not really play along -it rained a lot on Friday and we weren’t prepared for it – the music and spirit was great. I’m already looking forward to Folklore 2012. tickets We bought the very first tickets. folklore02 folklore03 The two main stages were placed side by side, so we didn’t have to move too much between acts. folklore04 Pohlmann folklore05 Thees Uhlmann ♥ folklore09 folklore08 Wir sind Helden folklore10 folklore11 Friska Viljor And to everyone in my „festival-team“ who’s reading this: it was fantastic to be there with YOU! :]


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