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What I Wore – Flats

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am 24. März 2012
What I Wore – Flats%20-%20"> What I Wore – Flats">
flats, black dress Cardigan // H&M Dress // New Look Inspire Scarf [as belt] // Primark Shoes // Primark Tights // Primark [grey & hearts] Watch // Primark Nail Polish // essence „date me!“
Things that I keep on buying even though other people [=Sven] think I own more than enough of them: Shoes. [Black] dresses. Nailpolish. So let’s talk about these, shall we? Today I wore flats for the first time this year. This day always makes me happy. My new purple flats make me really happy too. So, today = happy happy. Yay! My dress is also new. I ordered it just to get free shipping [yes, I’m every marketing person’s dream customer!] but I really liked it, so it’s allowed to stay. I don’t think it’s possible to own enough little black dresses anyway! The nailpolish isn’t new, ha! I rediscovered it thanks to my nail polish shelf. I think I’m a little bit in love with this shelf…. flats, black dress flats, black dress flats, black dress flats, black dress flats, black dress flats, black dress
Have a fantastic day!

What I Wore – Back to Business

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am 21. März 2012
What I Wore – Back to Business%20-%20"> What I Wore – Back to Business">
polkadot Cardigan // H&M Shoes // Pep Step Select Skirt // H&M Tights // Primark Top // Primark Nail Polish // P2 „poetic“
How is it possible that our mini break is already over!? Yeah, don’t answer… the „mini“ kind of gives it away. Still, it’s so hard to believe how time flies by. So this is what I wore for my first day back at university. Polkadots, purple and turquoise never fail to cheer me up! By the way, the red wall here is in our kitchen. You know, just for the days when I don’t feel like awkwardly stopping mid-photoshoot to watch my neighbour take out the trash. What’s the social protocol for these kind of situations anyway?
Here’s to a day without any awkward staring contests!

What I Wore – Spring Florals

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am 17. März 2012
What I Wore – Spring Florals%20-%20"> What I Wore – Spring Florals">
floral and purple Cardigan // Gina Tricot Dress // H&M Hair Circlet // Primark Shoes // Pep Step Select Tights // H&M (purple) over Primark (black) Nail Polish // P2 „poetic“
I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally arrived where I live. It’s so fantastic to get a little bit of sunshine everyday! And so today, instead of having breakfast at home, Sven prepared some bread rolls for us to take to the park. Meanwhile, I asked myself: „What better way to celebrate spring than by wearing a floral dress?… By pairing the dress with accessories in different shades of purple!“. Just because I can. Did I tell you recently how much I love purple? No? I love purple very much.
Have a great weekend filled with sunshine!

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What I Wore – Old Camera

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am 14. März 2012
What I Wore – Old Camera%20-%20"> What I Wore – Old Camera">
Blouse // H&M Shoes // Farasion Skirt // H&M Tights // Primark Top // New Yorker
I almost forgot that I own a camera myself. Not of the DSLR-fancy-schmancy species, but it can take some decent photographs… or so I thought. Until someone didn’t bring his camera over to my house [someone isn’t taking his blogger boyfriend duties serious, huh?] and we had to take today’s outfit photos with my camera. Though I hate to admit this, I missed the loud shutter sounds [They make me feel like some kind of VIP!]. And I missed the clear pictures that you don’t really have to edit. My poor camera is now hiding with a serious inferiority complex.
Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks cameras have feelings, too!