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What I Wore – Old Camera

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am 14. März 2012
What I Wore – Old Camera%20-%20"> What I Wore – Old Camera">
Blouse // H&M Shoes // Farasion Skirt // H&M Tights // Primark Top // New Yorker
I almost forgot that I own a camera myself. Not of the DSLR-fancy-schmancy species, but it can take some decent photographs… or so I thought. Until someone didn’t bring his camera over to my house [someone isn’t taking his blogger boyfriend duties serious, huh?] and we had to take today’s outfit photos with my camera. Though I hate to admit this, I missed the loud shutter sounds [They make me feel like some kind of VIP!]. And I missed the clear pictures that you don’t really have to edit. My poor camera is now hiding with a serious inferiority complex.
Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks cameras have feelings, too!