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10 Things to Try This Summer

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am 28. Juli 2012
kathastrophal | 10 things to try this summer Ich durfte für die liebe Stef von magnoliaelectric einen Gastpost verfassen. Dabei habe ich mir 10 Dinge überlegt, die ich diesen Sommer vorhabe und auf die ich mich sehr freue – die Liste findet ihr hier. I was so excited when Stef of magnoliaelectric asked me to write a guest post for her! I chose to write about ten things that I’m really looking forward to this summer. Here you can see it on her blog, and here’s the English version: Discover new places Every year, at the latest in summer, I get an urge to travel. There are so many places I’d love to see some time… but not exactly enough cash in my wallet to do it all. To appease this wanderlust, it’s often enough to find a new place in the local park or look at the city you live in with the eyes of a tourist. I certainly haven’t found all of the pretty spots my town yet! And if that’s not enough, I also get to travel to the North Sea in september – I’m counting the days. Stay in bed While I’m not a climatologist, I’m pretty sure the chances are low that one day with sunny weather is the last one of this sort. Because of that, I think you shouldn’t expect to spend every sunny hour outside. It can be just as fantastic to stay in and spend hours in bed. Preferably in an old building with cold walls, refreshing drinks and really great book. As they say: Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. open air music Live music is so amazing! I’m fascinated that there are so many talented musicians. Open air music is even more amazing to me. When my favourite singer, Thees Uhlmann, sings about summer in the city and the sun comes out in just the right moment, it is positively overwhelming. I’m not into festivals where you have to sleep in tents surrounded by thousands of loud, drunk people – but I’m glad there are lots of other occasions with live music and without camping. dance in the rain No summer without rain. But rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing: It’s cooling on very warm days, the sound is so realxing when you’re inside, and the smell after a summer rain is just perfection. I made a goal for myself to always be prepared – no festival without rubber boots! – and to dance in the rain once the opportunity arises. You really shouldn’t let such things destroy your mood. I’m definitely guilty, most of the time I feel like it’s a bad day as soon as I miss the bus in the morning – and I really want to change that. Colour me happy - summer nails Attention, nailpolish-girly-content: I own a lot of nailpolish. My boyfriend thinks that I own some colours more than once – which is not true! It’s not my fault if he can’t see the difference between light brown and taupe, right?! Anyway, I’m really looking forward to see these four colours on my nails, they all look so good in the sun. Especially the one by Biocura, it has a holographic effect and I can’t stop staring at my nails when I wear it. summer love Of course, being in love is beautiful in every time of the day, night or year. But I really thinks it’s especially great in summer – if only because of the amount of free days. I plan to spend less time with my obligations and more time with the one I love and all of the ofter fantastic people and favourite pastimes. To be more driven by emotion than by reason. And to never stop finding things that inspire me! Meet Hugo Hugo is one of the most poular drinks around here. I don’t know why it’s called Huo or how it got so popular, but I sure know that it tastes fantastic. I love this non-alcoholic, raspberry version: Cut a fresh lime into eighths and place into a glass. Add 300ml cooled sparkling water, 3cl elderflower syrup, frozen raspberries, ice cubes and mint leaves & enjoy. If you’d like to try it with alcohol, just replace part of the sparkling water with prosecco. Cheers! Love your body! According to those typical woman’s magazines, there’s nothing more important than to reach the perfect bikini figure and tan it whenever you can. I say: Relax! I’m pale, I will stay pale and I definitely will not risk a sunburn to change that. You can also see that I love to eat, but that’s not reason for me to hide my figure – it’s way too warm to do that anyway! I want to keep this positive mindset about my body and ban all the negative thoughts. have picnics My favourite thing to do in summer is to eat icecream. My second favourite is spending time at the park – with friends, some games and perferably with a picnic. When we found a spot with just the right amount of shade and sun, we can start unwrapping our supplies. A perfect picnic for me includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a lot to drink. The perfect parks also allow barbecues, which in turn allows us to stay there for the whole day. make memories I love to snap a lot of pictures and keep all these happy memories. This summer, I want to carry single use cameras with me to every occasion an take a lot of pictures with them. I think it’s so much fun to take analog pictures and see the results much later. On top of that, I’ll of course fill my Instagram feed with a lot of snapshots – I’m an addict, I know. It’s so convenient because I don’t have to think about bringing a camera, I always take my phone with me anyway. I want to print some of these pictures and decorate my walls with them. Have an eventful, sunny, happy and simply fantastic summer!
Lots of love,