What I Wore – It’s black, it’s white [EBEW]

black and white Bag // H&M Belt // Primark Cardigan // C&A Shoes // C&A Skirt // ASOS Curve Tights // Deichmann Top // H&M
This month’s Everybody, Everywear – Challenge is all about black & white. When I read about that theme, I instantly knew which skirt I would wear. It would have been easy to wear all black on top, because I own a lot of black things, but I’ve decided to take this white top out – normally, it only get’s to see the light of day in summer.. I actually own it in black, too bigsmile The owl belt – aren’t they the cutest?! – is an old, the heart bag a new favourite – my sister and brother gave it to me for christmas, aww! black and white black and white black and white black and white black and white
black and white black and white Black + White | Everybody, Everywear See all of my outfits in the outfit archive.

32 Comments on What I Wore – It’s black, it’s white [EBEW]

  1. Ana
    Jan 10 at 17:34 (5 years ago)

    I love the owl belt! You look terrific in this outfit! I’m glad you added the white top instead of black, it gives it more pop. And how adorable is the black heart bag?!?!

  2. Kelsey
    Jan 10 at 17:45 (5 years ago)

    That owl belt is fantastic!!!!! And I love the skirt, too. It looks so beautiful on you!

  3. Fashion By Alicia
    Jan 10 at 19:44 (5 years ago)

    Love that skirt! It is absolutely fabulous and the owls are adorable.

  4. Anonymous
    Jan 10 at 21:03 (5 years ago)

    Love the big houndstooth print of the skirt. And as a fellow owl belt owner, I have to say yours is just perfect!

  5. Cary
    Jan 10 at 21:04 (5 years ago)

    That belt is so adorable! I really like your outfit (I’m a sucker for houndstooth!) and I love your nail polish.

  6. Lex Latte
    Jan 11 at 00:27 (5 years ago)

    You just can’t go wrong with houndstooth, and that belt is to die for! Love, love, love.

  7. Pheobe at pballoonjournal2
    Jan 11 at 02:08 (5 years ago)

    Everything is so perfect with this outfit–the color, the print, the accessories, the shoes! You nailed it, definitely. Awesome job

  8. Fubsy Iron
    Jan 11 at 11:05 (5 years ago)

    Oh! Die Handtasche! Der Gürtel! Die Schuhe! Ich bin begeistert :-)

  9. Feathers & Freckles
    Jan 11 at 15:44 (5 years ago)

    So cute! I love the owl belt, and your nail polish color is lovely :)

    • Katha Strophe
      Jan 13 at 08:07 (5 years ago)

      Thank you so much, Megan! Didn’t really manage to capture the beauty of this nail polish, it has some subtle glitter int it – new favourite!

  10. Anonymous
    Jan 11 at 16:45 (5 years ago)

    That skirt really is great! And oh my goodness I love your belt!

  11. Vainillaymalva
    Jan 11 at 18:36 (5 years ago)

    Beautiful – you wear houndstooth perfectly.
    I am in love with your skirt Katha :)
    I will be linking your picture in my blog !

  12. Unapologetically Mundane
    Jan 12 at 01:48 (5 years ago)

    Hello again! I have 15 blog posts of yours to read tonight!

    The owl belt is The Best. I can’t believe it came from a regular store and not Etsy.

    • Katha Strophe
      Jan 13 at 08:05 (5 years ago)

      Welcome back! :)

      I know, right? It was really cheap to make it even more perfect… couldn’t believe my luck!

  13. Rachel
    Jan 12 at 17:00 (5 years ago)

    i do love a bit of houndstooth print, it looks great on you! and the owl belt is too cute!

  14. JB Lyons
    Jan 13 at 00:27 (5 years ago)

    That skirt is fabulous! I’m sure it’s a fun piece to style–since it’s black and white it’s so versatile! Also, the owl belt is absolutely precious, and incredibly unique. You definitely rocked this EBEW!


    • Katha Strophe
      Jan 13 at 08:03 (5 years ago)

      Thank you so much! The skirt is really so much fun, I love it.

  15. Vanessa
    Jan 13 at 16:53 (5 years ago)

    It’s been a busy week and I’m FINALLY making it to some of the EBEW entries that I loved. This skirt (And entire outfit) is such a winner. Love that strong houndstooth print and the fit/length of the skirt. Sleek and chic!

  16. two birds
    Jan 14 at 00:58 (5 years ago)

    i love that belt. i love all of your details, including the purse and the booties! you look lovely!


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