Weekend Recap #01 – a lot of studying & our anniversary ♥

I spent most of my weekend studying… we had another big live-programming test yesterday. It really broke my heart because on Sunday was my 1 year anniversary with Sven ♥ We’ve the decided to celebrate it next weekend, so I guess it’s ok. Other highlights of my weekend included: – telling the first person I know outside of this internet world [other than Sven] about my blog – Welcome! – planning & booking our trip to London with Fubsy & Daniela & getting one of the sweetest E-mails ever – thank you Kelsey ♥ And yesterday, me and all of the people I really care about passed our test, so of course we had to celebrate.
karaoke new planner cooking yummy! Karaoke night // new planner cooking // yum! me // & the boy ♥
Links I loved
♥ I need to make this DIY Doily Candle Holders [maedchenmitherz] ♥ A perfect present: 60 years of memories [Nothing but Bonfires] ♥ What’s the worst thing a human being can be – according to mainstream media? [Already Pretty] ♥ Sooo pretty: Handsome Hemnes [IKEA Hackers] ♥ This is so stunning: Giant Coloured Pencils [Mr. Kate] ♥ If you speak German, you should read this fantastic post about Harry Potter, it really touched me. [magnoliaelectric] & By the way, my favourite character is Ron :]
I hope you didn’t have to study this weekend!

4 Comments on Weekend Recap #01 – a lot of studying & our anniversary ♥

  1. Kelsey
    Jan 10 at 22:52 (5 years ago)

    Aw, Katha! Your email made my weekend, too! =D And congratulations on passing your test!!!! What do you have planned for your anniversary this weekend? Mr. CP and I aren’t entirely sure when our anniversary is, so we usually just pick a convenient time to celebrate. =P

  2. Natalie Mulford
    Jan 11 at 12:37 (5 years ago)

    You & me baby ain’t nothing but mammals!!

    Congrats on passing your tests & OMG London! It’s my dream to one day be able to tour the UK & Europe. It’s frustrating that Australia is SO far away from everywhere.

    • Katha Strophe
      Jan 13 at 08:10 (5 years ago)

      Thank you! Aww, I wish you’re able to do so one day – and then, visit me :]

  3. Unapologetically Mundane
    Jan 12 at 01:55 (5 years ago)

    OMG, that first picture of you is STUNNING. I mean, they’re both nice, but the first one is the one I’d hang on my wall if I was 15 years old and you were my celebrity girlcrush.

    Congratulations on passing the test, and congratulations to you and Sven!


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