March 6th 2012 archive

Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #09/2012

Some things that made me happy this weekend:
  • I wrote my last exam of this semester on Friday
  • Which means: Two weeks off! Yay!
  • The Flatmate Situation [yes, in caps!] is resolved. One of my friends is moving in soon.
  • Sven and I surprised my parents with a visit over the weekend for my mom’s birthday.
Something isn’t working with the internet at my parents’, so we had to take a mini-break from the online world. But as you can see, I’m back!
Sven’s and my dad’s idea of fun // imported by a friend we saw “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” // watching “Chuck” on our way back home

Links I loved
♥ This is so true. I’m sure some of the plus-sized ladies can relate: Getting Past the “But it Fits!” Mentality [The Plus Side of me] ♥ So cute: Paris in a box [You are my Fave] ♥ Last week was Body Image Warrior Week – fantastic reads! [Already Pretty] ♥ I think this family is super adorable – and I always love the amazing photographs! This post is no exception [Katie’s Pencil Box] ♥ Another blog series that I absolutely adore: Nubby’s The Week in Pictures. This one is so colourful and pretty! [Nubby Twiglet] ♥ Next Sunday marks the date for the next episode of Katja & Katha: inspired. We’ll be sharing recipes with spinach as an ingredient, yum! If you want wo join in, create something with spinach in it and link up next weekend – we’d love to see your ideas!
Here’s to a happy week!