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off to Hamburg

By the time you read this, Sven and I will be sitting in a train to Hamburg. I love this city so much – and I’m SO excited! I just hope it won’t rain all the time.
Have a great weekend, friends! I’ll be back on Sunday.

What I Wore – Hearts in Green

green new look dress with hearts Cardigan // Vero Moda Dress // New Look Shoes // Pep Step Select Tights // Primark Nail Polish // essence “date me!”
I’m still in love with this New Look dress – you know, just like I am in love with anything that has polkadots, bows or, in this case, hearts on it. I think the pattern is just soo cute! As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not New Look Inspire like you might expect ,but from their maternity range. Seriously girls, especially fellow plus size girls: Shop the maternity ranges! There are so many amazing items with great, forgiving cuts at mostly reasonable prices. Also, if you ever get pregnant, you’ll already have the right clothes ;) What Sven loves the most about this dress: it’s green. This guy LOVES green clothes. When we realized our colour-coordinating ways, we had to use the opportunity for a little couple shoot. Aww! green new look dress with hearts green new look dress with hearts green new look dress with hearts green new look dress with hearts ♥ ♥

Snaps of Happiness & Links I Loved – Week #12/2012

Some of the things that made me really happy this week: ♥ Spending some time outside in the park with friends, board games and ducks who visited us. ♥ A lot of yummy food: Fresh fruit & delicious salads. ♥ “Germany’s Next Top Model” – night with friends and a fantastic buffet. Anyone who shares this guilty pleasure? Who’s your favourite? ♥ Having a boyfriend who watches model-shows with me, awww! ♥ First barbecue of the year & having so much fun that my cheeks hurt by the end of the night. ♥ Sleeping in after many nights with sleep problems… soooo good!
Links I loved
♥ Katie proves everyone wrong who once told her: “Maxi dresses? You can’t wear that!” [Hems for Her] ♥ Some strange inventions of history – hilarious! How fantastic is the picture with the wooden bathing suits? [Mr. Kate] ♥ I love Megan’s DIY idea: Weathered Picture Frames. I have to try this soon! [Feathers and Freckles] ♥ How to Stay Positive in the Blog World. Great tips! [After Nine to Five] ♥ A hack for the Maskros lamp that I have – and LOOOOOVE: add stars. I think I prefer the original, but this is really cool! Plus, it’s from a blog that I adore. [IKEA Hackers / ohhh mhhh] ♥ Like the first world problems meme? You’ll love this site! [White whine]
Have a fantastic week!

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