February 13th 2012 archive

Weekend Recap & Links I Loved – Week #06/2012

Nothing exciting happening in my world right now…. studying is all I do. I didn’t get to see Sven much this weekend and last week. He has a really important test tomorrow and had to study even more. Keep your fingers crossed for him! I’m really enjoying the #febphotoaday-challenge on instagram so far.
hands // sun makes me happy // in my closet

Links I loved
♥ This is mindblowing. I feel so small now! [htwins.net] Sorry about the advertisment, the official site didn’t work for me! ♥ Lili’s blog turned 1 this week. I love her post about it! [Relatable Style] ♥ My lovely Kelsey did a guest post about her wardrobe staples – couldn’t agree any more! [Charming Pumpkin @ Skippy Says] ♥ Fascinating: Why does Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ make everyone cry? Science has found the formula. [Wall Street Journal, found via ScorchingStyle] ♥ So so cute: Valentine’s Day in a box [You are my Fave] ♥ Lots of great ideas: Funkytime Magazine – Valentine’s Day [Funkytime] ♥ And last, but certainly not least: Love yourself this Valentine’s Day! – yes yes yes! [Reizende Rundungen]
Happy new week!

How to prettify a box for Valentine’s Day

Here’s another cute gift wrap idea! You can use it for Valentine’s Day, but it’s not limited to that – I actually gave it to a friend for her birthday. [She LOVES everything pink!] All you need is
  • a box [I used a GlossyBox, but of course any other box will do]
  • a doily
  • glue
Now all I did was to cut out a part of the doily and glue it around the box lid. That’s it. So simple & pretty!
Are you creating anything for Valentine’s Day? Let me see it!