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What I Wore – The White Dress / Closet Orphan #03

Cardigan // Primark Dress // H&M Leggings // ASOS Curve Shoes // C&A
The next one of my closet orphans is this white dress. I bought it on sale, just like yesterday’s skirt, but I’ve only worn it on one occasion since. White is a little difficult for me, I’m usually drawn to darker colours. I was quite happy with this outfit though. But my biggest problem with white clothing still remains: I’m sure everyone who saw me today knew what I had for lunch…. Ooops.
I’m off to meet another potential flatmate!

What I Wore – The Skirt / Closet Orphan #02

Cardigan // H&M Skirt // H&M Tights // Primark Top // New Yorker Shoes // C&A
Kelsey pose! :] Simple outfit, simple post – I wore the next one of my closet orphans on sunday to a late breakfast date with Sven. We had a coupon and it was the last day to use it. I’m a little stressed right now: One of my flatmates surprisingly moved out yesterday and we need to find a new one soon… so I’m off to a flatmate-casting. Perfect for twirling!
Any horrible flatmate-stories to share?

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