December 5th 2011 archive

Weekend recap #48 – of ice-skating adventures & more christmas markets

On Friday, Sven and I were so tired that we just stayed at home, relaxed and did some programming. A friend of Sven came to visit, so we took her on some adventures on Saturday: First, we went ice-skating… I was so scared in the beginning because I hadn’t done this for such a long time, but the others helped me a lot and it got easier. Afterwards, we wen’t to the christmas market with some other friends – it was so much fun! We tried to find out which booth had the best mulled wine and the best sweets and therefore had to get a lot of samples. Later on, we went to a house-warming party where I discovered Angry Birds plush toys – a new wish on my already long christmas wishlist. We were quite tired Sunday morning, so after breakfast I left Sven and his friend, so I could do my homework. In the evening, we met two other couples to have a wonderful chat, play Wii and let the weekend come to a beautiful ending.
zucchini-tomato-wrap // ice-skating angry bird plush, I wanted to keep it! // christmas decoration
Links I loved
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I hope you had a lot of fun this weekend! What did you do?