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Advent Calendar D.I.Y ³

This year, I made three advent calendars for three different [groups of] people – my flatmate, my family [=parents & brother & sister] and my wonderful boyfriend. For the first two, I used this fantastic idea by Stef / magnoliaelectric. Here’s what I used:
  • a pinboard [I painted the frame white]
  • a lot of pins
  • paperclips
  • little white paper bags
  • numbered stickers
  • thread
.. and, of course, a lot of little gifts: mainly chocolates, other sweets & tea bags [my parents and my flatmate love tea]. My flatmate’s birthday is in the end of november, so I thought I would give her this calendar as a birthday + christmas – present. She likes it a lot :] I wanted this calendar to fit perfectly into my parent’s dining room, so I added this teal tissue paper and light blue ribbon because they have a lot of accents in these colour family. It was hard to get something for four persons into the little bags every day, so sometimes I had to use more than one. Sven helped me a lot with this, thank you <3 I hope that they'll be using it as a pinboard after christmas. Loved these little santa clauses! I cannot show you very much of this one because Sven reads my blog… I had to do something different because he already saw the ones for the others, so I used a lot of different wrapping papers [with coffee beans because he’s a coffee addict, and green and yellow because his room has these colours] and just wrapped up a present for every day on its own. Then I tied them together with yarn. The stickers say “FIVE”, “SIX” and “SEVEN” in German ;) Sven made an advent calendar for me as well. Here’s a peek: Awww, Nerd Love! ♥ These are binary numbers. We study together and met at an preliminary course :]
Hopefully I could give you some last-minute inspiration… or maybe for next year. Happy December!

Top 5 things I love about Advent Season

Tuesdays are for Top 5s! There’s nothing better than a visit of a christmas market to get me in christmas mood. I love all the lights, the wonderful decorations, mulled wine, roasted almonds and all the other great food – it’s just magical to be there and I’m so happy that I’ve got a group of friends who love them as much as I do. If I have a good idea for a present for a loved one, I love everything about it: Buying the present, wrapping it and the look on the face of the ones I give it to when they unwrap it. It’s even better than getting a present. Not to say that I don’t like to get presents! ;) When it first starts to snow, I feel like a little child again. I love how different everything looks and how silent the world gets – pure magic! It’s so much joy to bake with some loved ones. I have some recipes piled up that I need to try and I’m going to take the time for it very soon. I can’t wait! … because giving / getting 24 little presents is even better than a single big one! It’s so much fun to open another one every day – I’m so looking forward to starting on Thursday :]
Do you love advent season? What are your favourite things about it?

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