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Advent Calendar D.I.Y ³

This year, I made three advent calendars for three different [groups of] people – my flatmate, my family [=parents & brother & sister] and my wonderful boyfriend. For the first two, I used this fantastic idea by Stef / magnoliaelectric. Here’s what I used:
  • a pinboard [I painted the frame white]
  • a lot of pins
  • paperclips
  • little white paper bags
  • numbered stickers
  • thread
.. and, of course, a lot of little gifts: mainly chocolates, other sweets & tea bags [my parents and my flatmate love tea]. My flatmate’s birthday is in the end of november, so I thought I would give her this calendar as a birthday + christmas – present. She likes it a lot :] I wanted this calendar to fit perfectly into my parent’s dining room, so I added this teal tissue paper and light blue ribbon because they have a lot of accents in these colour family. It was hard to get something for four persons into the little bags every day, so sometimes I had to use more than one. Sven helped me a lot with this, thank you <3 I hope that they'll be using it as a pinboard after christmas. Loved these little santa clauses! I cannot show you very much of this one because Sven reads my blog… I had to do something different because he already saw the ones for the others, so I used a lot of different wrapping papers [with coffee beans because he's a coffee addict, and green and yellow because his room has these colours] and just wrapped up a present for every day on its own. Then I tied them together with yarn. The stickers say “FIVE”, “SIX” and “SEVEN” in German ;) Sven made an advent calendar for me as well. Here’s a peek: Awww, Nerd Love! ♥ These are binary numbers. We study together and met at an preliminary course :]
Hopefully I could give you some last-minute inspiration… or maybe for next year. Happy December!

Top 5 things I love about Advent Season

Tuesdays are for Top 5s! There’s nothing better than a visit of a christmas market to get me in christmas mood. I love all the lights, the wonderful decorations, mulled wine, roasted almonds and all the other great food – it’s just magical to be there and I’m so happy that I’ve got a group of friends who love them as much as I do. If I have a good idea for a present for a loved one, I love everything about it: Buying the present, wrapping it and the look on the face of the ones I give it to when they unwrap it. It’s even better than getting a present. Not to say that I don’t like to get presents! ;) When it first starts to snow, I feel like a little child again. I love how different everything looks and how silent the world gets – pure magic! It’s so much joy to bake with some loved ones. I have some recipes piled up that I need to try and I’m going to take the time for it very soon. I can’t wait! … because giving / getting 24 little presents is even better than a single big one! It’s so much fun to open another one every day – I’m so looking forward to starting on Thursday :]
Do you love advent season? What are your favourite things about it?

Weekend recap #47 – of little sisters & christmas markets

My little sister turned 18 on Tuesday – that’s the age of majority here, so turning 18 is quite a big deal. Sven and I spent the weekend in my hometown in the south of Germany and stayed at my parent’s house. We met my math teacher from high school in the train.. which would have been great, if I hadn’t forgotten his name. He instantly knew who I was and was even able to recall some of the details of my math tests, so I was really embarrased. Oh, my poor memory! I really enjoyed my time at home. We went to the christmas market, had a big birthday party, we saw a lot of my relatives and some friends of the family and spent a lot of time with my parents, grandparents and my siblings. It’s so good to see how well my family and my boyfriend get along. And I was so happy to see that my sister really liked our present and that my familiy loved the advent calendar I made for them. [I'll be sharing some pictures soon!]
a foggy morning // on our way // at the christmas market
Links I loved
♥ Need some christmas inspiration? You should check out this DIY week ♥ … and her fantastic gift guides! [maedchenmitherz] ♥ more great christmas gift ideas: for girls // for the kitchen [lydia lucia] ♥ Such a cute photo story – isn’t Boo adorable? [magnoliaelectric] ♥ If you want to see some incredible photographs, you should visit her blog: Mille Musings ♥ Lovely girl, lovely dress! [Dollface is candysweet]
I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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