August 2011 archive

Folklore 2011

The Folklore Festival 2011 took place last weekend and some of my best friends and me were there. Good music for an affordable price in the city where we live? Count us in! It was so much fun! Even though the weather did not really play along -it rained a lot on Friday and we weren’t prepared for it – the music and spirit was great. I’m already looking forward to Folklore 2012. tickets We bought the very first tickets. folklore02 (more…)

Top 5 things I love about summer

Tuesdays are for Top 5s! I really enjoy the long semester break in summer – sleeping in and not having to learn. So relaxing! This year, we’re going to Tunisia. Just Sven and me, the beach and lots of books. I’m so looking forward to it. There’s something magical about seeing great artists perform outside of the usual music halls. Next weekend, I’m going to see Thees Uhlmann‘s solo-project for the first time and I can’t wait. … in the sea, a lake or open-air swimming pools and feeling almost weightless. … especially in parks and with great company. I hope you enjoy your summer as well! :)

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